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Feb 4th 2017 Swedish Institute Level 1 Taylor Fascial Certification with Nicole Kung

Come take the new Taylor Fascial Certification upper extremity and lower extremity at the Swedish Institute with Nicole Kung, Taylor Certified instructor!  All classes run from 10am-5pm and NY, NCBTMB & FL state approved for 6CEUs.  Take the whole Certification or just a topic of your choice, discounts available.  Please contact the continuing education department at the Swedish Institute for more info and to sign up!  Every week there’s another class in the series, check this website by month or the swedish institute college of health sciences website for details.

February 2/4 Saturday Fundamental Techniques of Myofascial Release 

This workshop will give participants an introduction to the “Taylor Technique” style of myofascial assessment & treatment, and how to incorporate this work into their current practice. Specifically, strain/counterstrain, using limbs as levers, pin & drag, skin rolling, pick up & roll are all shown in several areas of the body, focusing on palpation of superficial and deep layers of fascia, and differentiating between the two.
Learning about the elements of fascia and how to dialogue on this topic with prospective and current clients, will help participants incorporate this work into their current massage practice, while managing client expectations. Therapists will become proficient at using these techniques everywhere in the body, and the focused hands-on practice in palpation, is a skill that will be demonstrated throughout the seminar, in addition to body mechanics.
This class is the platform for the other 9 topics in the level 1 series, and gives the healthcare practitioner a firm foundation in applying palpative skill effectively. DVDs are available for all ten topics in this myofascial certification series as well as ten level 2 DVDs now available at Level 1 textbook will be available in downloadable and hard copy formats early 2017!


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