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Lumbar Disc Herniations & Sciatica Level 2

Lumbar Disc Herniations & Sciatica: Treatment & Management of Back Pain and Lower Extremity disorders
Lumbar Disc Herniations are becoming more and more common in our sedentary, office working culture. People are sitting for extended periods more than ever, and effectively reversing the position of the lumbar lordotic curve, which encourages discs to bulge posterolaterally. Coupled with lack of exercise and weakened core stabilization, True Sciatica symptoms result. This can cause everything from mild lower extremity weakness and instability, to severe debilitating lumbar and Sacro-Iliac joint pain, with accompanying nerve symptoms down the postero-lateral aspect of the thigh and leg.

The key to effective treatment for the patient, is teaching core stability exercises, and re-establishing a normal lumbar lordosis via pelvic repositioning (aka “the MacKenzie Technique” or yoga “cat/cow”). Therapists will learn postural realignment techniques, and transversus abdominus activiation exercises, that they can apply to patient treatment and home care. Specific “lordosis creating” manual techniques are emphasized & demonstrated, as well as pelvic bone realignment and balancing. SI Joint, sacrotuberous ligament, the often overlooked Quadratus Femoris muscle, and gluteal muscle focus go a long way to successful pain relief. With a lot of hands-on practice both giving and receiving, therapists will feel fully confident when confronted with this frustrating disorder in clinical settings.

Date: Thursday March 8th, 2018

Place: Cata NYC 122 west 26th st between 6/7th aves, suite 701

Time: 9-530pm

NY/FL state and NCBTMB approved CEUS: 8 CEUs

Cost: $300/day if late sign up (within two weeks of class), $250/day for two classes within one month of class, $225/day for multiple class sign up more than one month before march 8th, and $200/day for sign up for all four classes two months before march 8th (Jan 8th Deadline).

To register: or 917-701-1030

Discounted dvds available: $225/one set, $200 each/2 box sets,$ 175 each/all three sets

Level 1 book discount: $60 downloadable version, $80 hardcopy (presale before it releases-expected Jan 2018)

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