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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: Treatment of Brachial Neuralgia

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: Treatment of Brachial Neuralgia

This course is an adjunct to the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Double Crush Phenomena class, which continues with the treatment progression to the wrist, forearm, & elbow. Quite often, patients present with both issues, exhibiting double crush phenomena with associated painful signs & symptoms, thus requiring a full arm & neck treatment approach. Many people will suffer from these disorders at some point in their career, due to overuse and poor biomechanics. This class will give you ideas on how to alleviate and help manage the dysfunction, with an on-going treatment plan, self-care stretches & hydrotherapy homework.

Treatment of the various ailments that occur for anyone who works intensively with their hands, starting with the elbow, then progressing proximally towards the Thoracic Outlet, surrounding musculature and fascias will be shown. Demos will be given on how to release brachial, then SCM, Upper Trapezius, & Pectoralis superficial fascias, before deeper structures, such as pectoralis minor, anterior & middle scalenes and their attachments are addressed.

Focused decompression of the structures which make up the Thoracic Outlet, such as clavicle/first rib mobilization, as well as coracoclavicular/coracoacromial ligament treatment, and subscapularis release at the fossa as well as the humeral head, can improve shoulder girdle and cervical biomechanics. All techniques shown will assist in reversing many of the issues associated with these disorders, and help with long term pain management for the patient. Patient education in self care, hydrotherapy considerations, and stretching/strengthening exercises are also covered, to progress long term treatment goals.

Date: Saturday March 10th, 2018

Place: Cata NYC 122 west 26th st between 6/7th aves, suite 701

Time: 9-530pm

NY/FL state and NCBTMB approved CEUS: 8 CEUs

Cost: $300/day if late sign up (within two weeks of class), $250/day for two classes within one month of class, $225/day for multiple class sign up more than one month before march 8th, and $200/day for sign up for all four classes two months before march 8th (Jan 8th Deadline).

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