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Myofascial Release

Taylor Technique Photo (2)A blend of stretching of the tissue, as well as very specific point pressure, Myofascial Release therapy works directly on correcting “snags” in the Connective Tissue (CT) or Fascia of the body.  Fascia is the most abundant type of tissue in the body.  It is found on both superficial and deep levels, wrapping around groups of muscles, organs, bones, and even blood vessels & nerves.  Because of its extensive nature, it plays a very important role in postural alignment, and its health is imperative to the state of well-being of your body.

Simply put, CT is like the saran wrap of the body. It bundles muscle cells together to create a muscle belly, it then connects the muscle to the bone via a tendon, and bone to bone via ligaments and menisci (all types of CT).  Because the CT/fascia is so prevalent and forms a continuum throughout the body, a “snag” in one location can cause pain and discomfort in another area via this kinetic chain.  An easy visual you can use to understand this concept is to pull on your shirt as if it were snagged (like scar tissue or an adhesion/injury), you will notice that this “snag” creates a line of tension throughout the rest of the shirt (thereby causing pain and dysfunction far from the site of the initial injury).

The goal of Myofascial Release is to address these “snags” with very specific direct pressure and sustained stretching. The technique is usually done without oil, and the pace of a session is very slow, allowing the body to relax into a place of ease and postural comfort.  The patient can be clothed or wear shorts and a tank top/sports bra, or be draped with a sheet.  It is an especially useful technique in treating chronic pain, muscular and joint injuries, postural imbalances, and general tension, and many other disorders.  In addition to being very relaxing, you’ll feel that “good pain” that makes you want to lean into the therapist’s pressure.  This kind of treatment should never put you in the kind of pain that makes you tense up or pull away if the therapist is well trained (as is the case with any kind of massage).

Rate: $175 per hour

Exclusive discount: $150 per hour if paid by cash or with the purchase
of a package of 5 sessions or more.

Cancellation Policy: A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to
cancel / reschedule an appointment or the full session will be charged.