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Knee, Ankle, and Foot (DVD 8)


Knee, Ankle, and Foot (DVD 8)


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Fascial Approach to the Lower Extremity:  Knee, Ankle,  & Foot

Often the overlooked area of the lower extremity, the knee, ankle, and foot need specific treatment to correct all manner of disorders, due to the kinetic chains that attach to these weight bearing joints.  Focused work to the tendons and ligaments around the knee and ankle help to improve the mobility of the leg, and therefore the hip and lumbar spine.  Osseous techniques include interosseous membrane spread between the tibia and fibula, as well as calcaneal rocking, to facilitate improved mobility at the ankle mortise and subtalar joints.  Specific treatment modalities for the gastrosoleal complex and anterior compartment make your patient comfortable, and provide relief for many dysfunctions of the leg.


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