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Lumbar Spine & Acetabulofemoral Joint (DVD 7)


Lumbar Spine & Acetabulofemoral Joint (DVD 7)


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Product Description

Fascial Approach to the Lumbar Spine & Acetabulofemoral Joint

One of the most important areas for a busy massage therapist to effectively treat is the Lumbrosacral Hip region.  Treatment modalities in this DVD focus on improving trunk mobility and flexibility particular to lumbar spine and hip dysfunction.  Hands-on techniques are focused on the muscles and joints that typically are out of optimal alignment due to many different occupational stressors, such as sitting for long hours in a stagnant position.  QL, the transversospinal group, erectors, as well as the quad group, hamstring group are addressed, with ischial & sacral bone mobilization adding osseous work to your toolbox of treatment modalities.


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